Door Features

Interior Features

16mm dual pane, tempered, insulated glass. Operable glass panels provide ease of ventilation and cleaning.


Steel T-astragal provides added security by covering the exterior space between doors.


Flanges are set back 1/4” for easy installation and trim work. Heavy duty ball bearing hinges with lubricated fittings. Pre-drilled holes for easy installation of hardware.

Exterior Features

16mm solid steel handcrafted scroll works. Vinyl-clad Kerf weather-stripping installed around door and frame, and glass for the best insulation.

Internal Mechanisms

Flush bolts pre-installed on the inside top and bottom of the dormant door to lock securely in place. Operable twist knob for easy opening and closing of glass.


Manufactured resilient 12 gauge steel. Doors and Jambs are insulate with high density polyurethane foam. All doors coated and protected by layers of hot-zinc spray galvanised steel, epoxy primer, red-oxide primer, black matte paint, hand brushed bronze and clear coat.